Pricing Information

Club Med Academies School

Full-Time Sport Training

   Fall and Spring Semester:   Mid-August – Late-May

  • Boarding:               $49,364
  • Non-Boarding:     $35,014


   Fall Semester:   Mid-August – Late-December

  • Boarding:               $24,934
  • Non Boarding:     $18,084


 Spring Semester:   Early-January – Late-May

  • Boarding:               $27,300
  • Non Boarding:     $19,800


Full-Time Academics

  Fall and Spring Semester:   Mid-August – Late-May

  • $12,298 – Prices may vary based on course selection


Academic Extras

  Individuals English Classses

  • $105/2 hour session
  • $210/4 hour session


Groups English Classes

  • Price determined by group size.  Call for details

Camps – Spring, Summer, Holiday, Pre-Competition and More….

   Year-Round Weekly prices and Summer Camps

  • Boarding:               $2,220 per person, per week
  • Non-Boarding:     $1,590 per person, per week

Adult Active

   Year-Round Prices

  • Standard 2 hour session:     $125/per person/session (max. 4 persons per group)
  • Intensive 4 hour session:     $250/person/session (max. 4 persons per group)
  • Note that if only one person participates the Active session will be converted to a 1-hour private lesson.

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