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Who We Are

Our mission is to change the landscape of high-performance sports training and educate the next generation of professional athletes. This is accomplished through our world-renowned coaches, our well-established, proven training methodologies, our commitment to high academic standards, our respect for diversity, and our dedication to creating exceptional opportunities for personal growth and optimal potential. So, join our program and become part of our family.

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Select a sports academy and start today - Tennis Academy, Golf Academy, Volleyball Academy, Soccer Academy, and Swimming Academy.

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We develop academic champions in the classroom with guided and exploratory learning that fosters critical thinking.

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The arts are paramount to improving the way you learn. When the left and right brain begin to work together the potential and progress of an individual “sky rockets.”

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junior academy

Our Junior Sport Programs are designed to develop dynamic and successful youths. Available Programs: Sport Camps, Full-Time Sports Academy, Language, SAT Prep, College Placement and More....

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Our full-time sports academy program changes the landscape of high-performance sports training and provides a world-class education for the next generation of athletes.

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Specialized sport training camps at Club Med Academies offer you the tools you need to bring your game to the next level. Choose from tennis camps, golf camps, volleyball camps, soccer camps and swimming lessons.

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Pick a sports academy and get started today - tennis academy, golf academy, volleyball academy, soccer academy, and swimming academy.

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We believe that exposure to sport, arts, and academics – with a focus on intense skill development – is where dynamic learning really takes place.

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The arts are paramount to improving the way you learn. When the left and right brain begin to work together the potential and progress of an individual “sky rockets.”

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adult active

The Adult Active Sports Program gives participants of every level a well-rounded training experience.

Adult Active Program -


Pick a sport and get started today - tennis, golf, volleyball, soccer, and swimming.

2 & 4 Hour Packages

We offer two Adult Active sport packages to suit your needs and schedule. Options: 2-Hour Standard Package or 4-Hour Intensive Package

Training Schedules

Whether you choose a 2 or 4 hour training schedule, your experience will include drills and skills development, situational and competitive play, mental performance training, nutritional guidance, and more.

Spa at Club Med -

Regeneration / Spa

To ensure your optimal performance, enjoy a regenerative massage at L'Occitane Spa. Discover the elegance of a customized treatment programs run by specialists in the art of well-being.

Learn A Language -

Learn A Language

Take part in our specialized Learn-A-Language Program. Join people from around the world as you study a new language. Immerse yourself in a new culture within our unique academy environment.

High School Group -

High School Groups

Come join us in sunny south Florida this Spring or any time during the year to work on your game, get ready for the season or just have some fun with your teammates.

National Teams

Bring your team and integrate into the program for off-season training or to prepare for competition as part of your periodization schedule. Either way, make Club Med Academies apart of your plan.


We have a sports program for all members of your family whether you're an intense junior competitor, an active adult or just want to hang out by the pool. Club Med Academies has something for you.

Explore our site for more information or click here to contact a program specialist and get started today!

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