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Our Mental Performance Mind Coaching program offers you a variety of training options that complement physical development.  The techniques and skills we share will allow you to better manage your self-talk and emotions using specific breathing and meditation practices that reduce body tension and improve muscle control.

Our goal is to help you develop a specific set of goals during the time you are here – mental, physical, and emotional – that will allow you to achieve more consistent performance in practice and play. You’ll learn to think like a champion, act like a champion, feel like a champion, be like a champion. Within the energy of this mindset, improvement has no choice but to come your way.

Mental Coach

More about Tim …

Master’s Degree from the University of Iowa

President and founder of Spirit of Golf, LLC (doing business as Peak Performance Mind Coaching) – a program utilizing mind and body coaching techniques to help athletes develop peak mind states in sports and life.

Decades of experience coaching thousands of athletes, who include PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA and Tour golf professionals as well as professionals and ranked amateurs in many other sports – tennis, basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, and Ironman, to mention a few

Recognized by his colleagues for his expertise in the mind game and invited to speak at the 2013 PGA and LPGA Teaching and Coaching Summits.

Utilizes Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP), Transformational Communication, meditation, breathing exercises, and the martial arts in his coaching practice.

Tailored Programs

  • Our Junior Peak Performance Mind Training program help young athletes develop physically, mentally, and emotionally so that they are prepared to perform and compete at their best.
  • Our Adult Active Peak Performance Mind Training program allows adults to work on the mind game during their program.  It is incorporated into the regular training curriculum.  If you are interested in tailoring a package that incorporates more mind coaching, please contact your sports Active Program Coordinator to help get what you need.

What We Offer

Through our Peak Performance Mind Coaching program we can help you detach from the energy of the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that lead to anxiety and frustration and poor performance.  Help you to develop pre- and post-shot routines which deliberately tap you into powerful mind states of confidence and clarity (The Zone).  Access a calmer, centered, inner space, allowing you to achieve your truest potential in whatever you do.  Improve concentration, focus, visualization, and imagination skills.  Learn about the intuitive wisdom of your body relative to your emotional state of mind.

Some of the Techniques and Tools We Use

  • Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP)
  • Transformational Communication
  • Meditation
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Individual and small group training available
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Breathing Control
  • Progressive relaxation
  • Ritual and routine development
  • And more….

Facilities & Amenities:

Club Med Academies is headquartered at Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  The unparalleled resort facilities offer a training experience that is unlike any other. Here, you will ignite your game and bring out the champion within.

Junior Mental

Included as part of the regular sport tuition for any of our junior full-time or camp programs, students participate weekly in our junior academy mental performance program which helps students develop specific skill sets that they will apply in competitive play.

Adult Mental

Join us for one of our Active Programs and ask to have more information about our Adult Active Mental program that is incorporated into your daily training regimen.

Explore our site for more information or click here to contact a program specialist and get started today!

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