Gabe Jaramillo

Tennis Director / 30 Years of Experience

Trained Eight #1 and Twenty-Six, top 10 players in the world Currently Tennis Director for Club Med Academies in Florida, USA. Former Tennis Director for IMG-Bollettieri Tennis Academy from 1981 until 2009 Nick Bollettieri’s Right-Hand Man for twenty eight years and main contributor to the development of the Bollettieri System

Secured Millions of Dollars in Scholarships to Top Universities in the USA, for his students

Motivational Speaker, teaching people how to make champions inside and outside the Sports arena, he has worked with Club Med, Discovery Channel, World-City CEO Group, The Grace Corporation and the International Paper Company.

Club Med Academies is the American ITF Team base in florida

Gabe developed the Periodization Training Method applied to tennis, this plan is based on dividing the training in specific blocks to avoid overtraining and to peak at the desire competition events.

Developed System 5, a World Recognized Training System, where the technical and tactical components are taught simultaneously

Coached Players in All Four Gram Slam Events (French Open, Wimbledon, Australian Open, and US Open).

Played a Critical Role in Developing IMG Academies’ Multi-Sport Academy Programs such as Golf, Soccer, Baseball, Swimming.

He was intrinsically involved in the Development of Academic Programs for High Perfomance Athletes.

Master Clinician and Speaker for the ITF in world and regional conferences

Speaker for the USPTA, PTR, BTCA and the Hong Kong Tennis Federation

Gabe is recognized as one of the Tennis Maestros in the World; with more than 37 years of experience working with high performance athletes, he has shared his knowledge with teachers,
coaches, students and parents in more than fifty countries.

He has written one of the most recognized tennis manuals, “The Secret Manual”, and produced videos for all strokes and specialty shots.

Gabe’s believes that Coaching is Art and Training is Life.

Instructed the Largest Tennis Clinic Recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1995 (with Luis Mediero, President of the PTR).

Established a worldwide Coaches Certification Program for training high performance athletes, which is scalable to other sports.

Special Advisor to the Morita Tennis Foundation in Japan, the Hong Kong Tennis Federation and Colombian Tennis Federation.

With deep understanding of the sports industry he created a network of sales agents in 40 countries around the world, he also worked as the director of sales and marketing for IMG Academies.

Recipient of Multiple Awards from Tennis Associations and Clubs around the world.

Has been featured in multiple TV Programs, Radio Shows, Magazines and Newspapers Worldwide, with articles about tennis and also sports business.

Writer for multiple tennis and business publications around the world, in actuality he writes for Smash Magazine in Japan, Net 7 in Argentina, Racquet Tech in Germany and Tenis Italiano in Italy.

Articles by Gabe:

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